Vehicle Collisions, Physical Trauma or Sport Injuries
respond very well to a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue manipulation, naturopathic remedies and physiotherapy.  Trained by many leading doctors and teachers in physical medicine and physiotherapy, Dr. Ryan uses some of the newest advances in therapies combined with time proven remedies. 

When you are involved in an accident or work related injury ask yourself if the joint(s) involved and the soft tissue surrounding the area can be treated by one individual or will I have to see 3 different types of doctors just to get what Dr. Ryan can do. 

Our office utilizes many types of therapies from injectible vitamins, minerals and amino acids and homeopathy to physiotherapy such as:
electrical muscle stimulation, ultra sound, diathermy,  high & low voltage galvanic currents, low level laser therapy, sales/application of tens units, and more.  

Why would you go anywhere else?