HGC Weight Loss

Karl D Peterson, DCND, provides the HGC treatments at Narrows Natural Health Clincic. Here is Dr. Peterson on HGC:

Back in the 1960's my father used HCG injectible wt. loss formula and was quite successful with it.  I remember many patients that claimed to have great success with their wt. loss and kept it off for years!.  The great thing about HCG is that it is a hormone that only helps you burn storage fat, the unnecessary fat in your body, and not protein, or necessary organ fat while having little or no negative side effects.  When using HCG at home, it makes you  'feel'  that you are full when eating; you are on a restricted caloric diet but all good and healthy food.  Once you start on this type of a new diet you won't want to return to the old way of refined foods and sugars, but  remain on the healthier life style.  There now are alot of clinics that do homeopathic HCG, but we have found this does not work.  Be careful as there are several clinics using HCG from other countries and you never know what is in them.  HCG is a prescriptive injectible form made in the USA.  The diet you will be on will help you lose weight around the middle, thighs and buttocks and we have had many patients discontinue their medicines for diabetes, HRT, steroids and many others.  If you have any questions, call and ask for Dawn our HCG wt. loss trainer.